How to deposit a plasmid at the European Plasmid Repository

  1. Login by pressing the "Login" button in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on "Deposit a plasmid" in the menu bar.
  3. All plasmids you deposit are associated with one of your publications, preprints, or an unpublished project. These are the publications that people will cite when they use your plasmids. In most cases, this will be your paper which describes for the first time the plasmid you want to deposit.

    The "Unpublished Project" option enables you to deposit plasmids that you have not yet published in any paper or preprint, but you want to share with your colleagues. They will then cite you as the source of the plasmid.

    The first step is to add a publication, a preprint or a project to your list. To do so, click on "Add a publication". If you want to add a preprint or a project, first click on the "My Preprints" or "My Unpublished Projects" tabs.
  4. This page allows you to search PubMed for your publication. You can perform a PubMed search just like you would on the PubMed website. For instance, you can write your name, or the title of your article, or the PMID.

    For preprints, you will search BioRxiv, and need to enter the BioRxiv DOI for your preprint which you can find on the BioRxiv webpage.
  5. Articles matching your search will be displayed below. A maximum of 20 articles will be displayed. If you don't find your article in the list, then alter or refine your search.

    When you see your article, click on it to add it to your list of articles.
  6. You will now see the article in your list of publications. Likewise, preprints will appear in the "My Preprints" tab and unpublished articles in the "My Unpublished Articles" tab.

    You can now add a plasmid to this publication by clicking on "Add a plasmid".

    If you want to add multiple plasmids to this publication in one go, this can be done via the "Bulk plasmid upload" button. You can then enter information into an excel sheet (template provided on the next page) and upload it to the website.
  7. Enter the required information describing your plasmid. This includes a plasmid name, the purpose of the plasmid (which people can search for) and the full plasmid sequence. When you are done, click "submit".
  8. You can now see that the plasmid has been added to your publication.

    To return to the main plasmid submission page, either click on "Submit Plasmid" at the top of the page, or "Return to main plasmid submission page" at the botton.
  9. You can add multiple articles, preprints and publication to your list by repeating the steps above.

    Once you are done, click on the "submit" button.

    To deposit plasmids at the European Plasmid Repository, your institution needs to have a Framework Agreement with the European Plasmid Repository. If you are the first person depositing plasmids from your institution, and the Framework Agreement is not yet in place, the "submit" button will say "Request Submission". When you click this, we will contact your Technology Transfer office to set up this Framework Agreement. It usually takes a few days to set this up. Once this is done, you will receive an email telling you that you can now return to this page and click "submit".
  10. Finally, we double-check with you that the plasmids you are depositing are safe (ie not Biological Safety Level 2 or higher) and that there are no legal limitations preventing you from distributing these plasmids. Please read the information provided, and if this applies, click on "Confirmed - Submit".
  11. You are done ! You will then be provided with information how to ship the plasmids to us.

    Please send us at least 10µL of miniprep DNA (>30ng/µL) in a tube that will not open or crack during transport (e.g. a 1.7mL epi with parafilm around the lid in a padded envelope, or an epi in a 50mL falcon, etc.).

    Please do not send us all of your plasmid DNA. Only send us a copy of your plasmid, and keep a copy for yourself !

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