Star Awards

We want to give back to the labs that provide useful plasmids for the community. If a plasmid you deposit at the European Plasmid Repository is useful for the community and is frequently distributed, it earns a star:

# of times distributed Star Award (euros)
20 Bronze 25
50 Silver 50
100 Gold 100

We will send you the Star award to be used for a lab team-building activity - for instance:
  • buying some breakfast croissants for your next lab meeting
  • subsidizing a lab outing
  • etc.
For compliance reasons, we will ask you to specify what you intend to do with the award. Gifts worth 25 euros per person are allowed in most countries, so depending on the star award, we will ask you to nominate 1 to 4 people from your lab who will be receiving the award.

In this way, we hope to contribute towards team-building within your lab, and to a creative discovery environment.

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